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Live in your Victories, not your Defeats!

Live in your Victories, not your Defeats!

It is such an imperative in the field of sales to keep a healthy and positive mind set. It is also a difficult balance to find on a daily basis. There is so much in the world that we have to face on a daily basis, that it can be detracting from a positive mind. The good news is that there are actions that we can take habitually to create and maintain a positive mind set.

The first of these is to live in your wins. We can live in those negative moments and even awful moments of life, reliving and recapitulating our worst events, failures and losses. Being in this mind set is proven to physically take up more space (actual geography) in the Brain itself. It is energy taking, exhausting thought. However, positive thinking is efficient thinking, you can fit more of it in the brain. Processing good thoughts/ideas, and new patterns is easier on the Brain and the Body.

So how do we create better Synapses? A habit can be made or broken in 21 days. Make today day one and you will be amazed at your outlook and the affect it has on business and life!

1. Practice positive affirmations: Have these everywhere! Have them in your phone, cover your mirrors, fridge, dashboard, computer with sticky notes to yourself! This WORKS!

2. Avoid toxic people, places and ‘stinking thinking’. If you know there are triggers to negative thought patterns, avoid the triggers! Conversely it is true that surrounding yourself with positive friends, family, mentors and co-workers is uplifting. You become like the 5 people you hang around with the most.

3. Have a ‘delete’ button or a ‘flush system’. Use this visualisation to immediately eliminate a negative thought or mean criticism.

4. Take time to FOCUS on the good things, no matter how small! Be Grateful.

5.FOCUS on the now. If we can remain ‘present’, the stress of yesterday or tomorrow washes away. Being fully in the moment is an incredible feeling that affects everyone around us.

6.Turn Failures into lessons. “Boy, I sure won’t do that again”—one of my favourite lines. If responsibility is taken immediately for a mistake there is Honor in the lesson. A person cannot be a victim to an error if they are in full responsibility mode.

7. Find Humor, even in bad situations. This is where the term ‘black humour’ came from. There are absurdities in unusual or dark situations. Sometimes it is better to laugh than to take seriously what is going to be history soon.

8. Smile and look up. Another little scientific fact that smiling and raising the chin elevate the mood. There is an increase the positive hormones in our endocrine system with these two small physical movements.

I know this sounds like a lot to concentrate on when we are all going 110 KPH with our hair on fire! However, learning to live in your ‘wins’ leads to World Class Days. It leads to better connection, increased business and less stress. Healthy self talk and habitual mental training is a business ASSET! Positive people are not a bunch of nuts running around, out of touch with reality, they just choose to concentrate their brain matter on what matters.

If you feel you could benefit from structuring and strengthening your mental training, feel free to contact me for confidential and complimentary coaching session! I feel it is that important!

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