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Ramp It Up!

The 90-day kick off program to take your business from Struggling to Thriving

So, you've started your business and are excited to get started, but you are unsure where to focus your energy. You are ready for major success but aren't sure which avenues to take to get there.

I completely understand. Though I was financially savvy from a young age, I started my first business when I was 28 (before the internet and social media era) and went through a couple of avenues before I truly found my passion. I knew I didn't want to work for anyone but myself, and so began my trial & error, learning every aspect of my business one painstaking inch at a time!

I have over 30 years of self-taught business experience and I can tell you this, the journey would have been much easier if I had had a business coach to show me the exact steps I needed in order to take my business to the next level. 

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I believe passionately that every entrepreneur should have a bird’s eye view of how a business can run efficiently with the bottom line being a sustainable living (to start with), and no limits on where you can finish!  With the big picture in mind, drilling down to what needs to be done each day, each week and each month is that much easier to stick to consistently.


My Goal? To pass on the learning of over 30 years of business acumen to the next generation of entrepreneurs!

I've created the blueprint, the basics to apply. 

I have taken some big picture concepts and translated them into a few solid actions that formulate a plan that every business owner can begin today. 




Ramp It Up!

The 90-day kick off program to take your business from Struggling to Thriving

I have taken my 30+ years of business experience and created 5 easy-to-follow modules to teach you exactly what steps to take next! 

Module One: Time Management (There is no business to manage if you don’t manage your time!)

  • Learn effective time prioritization and quick techniques to avoid procrastination

Module Three: Getting in the Path of Business

  • Follow my 3x5=15 program for immediate results in lead generation

Module Two: Professional Image and Business Etiquette (how to play nicely with others!)

  • Learn the tips and tricks to effectively represent your business. Do you know what you're presenting to the world?

Module Four: Business Boundaries and Consumer Expectation

  • Know when to say no and how to structure your business while understanding what will benefit the consumer

Module Five: Branding (It’s not just a business card!)

  • Understand the process to develop an authentic and organic brand that speaks for your business and speaks to your target audience


Complete videos on each Module for prompted learning.

PDF accompaniment for quick referencing (No need to take notes).

Work Matters Elite Membership applicable to upcoming offers and publications.

Members only invitations to future Work Matters events (great for networking and learning)

Free content offerings

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Are you Ready to RAMP IT UP!?


*Are you a business start-up?

*Is your current business ready to go to the next level?

*Has your business been struggling so much that you are seeking an injection of advice on the next steps to take?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you are in the right place. 


The content in Ramp it Up! Is going to give you and your business a 90-day kick off by  not only learning, but applying key business pillars taught in these 5 modules!


Being a business owner is hard, I know, but It can also be so rewarding.

I've had to overcome many hurdles throughout my career. 

The glass ceiling was an unmovable obstacle in the 70’s and well into the 80’s so I had to be innovative and find a way through or around.

I knew I wanted more and made the decision to keep pushing forward, investing in my business and my success.

I have worked hard and am confident in the value of my business -I want to teach you to get to that same level

It's not enough to coast - through this program I want to show you exactly how to take your business to new levels of success!

The question is, are you ready to dive in?


Karen is very detailed oriented, self directed and motivated professional. I've learned more from Karen in one sitting than in many of the courses I've taken throughout my profession.

Connie Duggan


I thank you for the incredible opportunity you've given me to establish myself and the invaluable advice and information that propelled me forward.

Brycen Spate


Jumping into a new profession is always a little intimidating, I am grateful to have a strong female mentor like Karen Davis to guide me through the process. She has been able to set my expectations accordingly and also logically guide me through any obstacles that I encounter as a new agent.

Charlene Hudson,
Royal LePage

What some of my coaching clients have to say...

 I have decided to release this DIY program at a VERY discounted and affordable price for every business! My single coaching sessions start at $225.
 RAMP IT UP! at home study saves you over $1000.00!
Your Investment:
One payment for lifetime access to exclusive business content and training for only:
$299 CAD
introductory launch pricing
YES! I want access to exclusive content for only $299 CAD!
Meet Your Business Expert

"I throw myself into the matters of work every day. Join me."

My name is Karen Davis, and I have been a business owner and entrepreneur for almost 40 years.

I purchased my first home at the age of 19. In my early twenties I understood the ‘cost of procrastination’ and started to invest. Then at the age of 28, I started my first business, after realizing that working for other people was not going to get me where I wanted to go, nor was it going to allow me the flexibility that I needed to raise two children and take care of my family. If you are curious about where I began, I can tell you that Real Estate and Cosmetics have been good to me. For the most part my business skills have been gathred by experience, (my formal education being in the arts) with some pretty phenomenal role models along the way. Whether it was learning how to read a spread sheet, write a business plan or speak to a group of hundreds, it was learned an inch at a time. 


My business ventures all began just before the advent of cell phones, internet and personal computers. Imagine the learning curve! I like to imagine what my business would have been like had I had education and mentorship at the touch of a button! I am so pleased to be able to offer you what took me so long to gather. I encourage you to register and use it well!


I am steeped in values of home, family, work ethic, education, honesty and the golden rule. My value of home businesses, retail, direct sales or multi-level that feed a family are as high as my value of large corporations that feed a community, and I work with both. I have discovered through my journey on this moving ball of dirt spinning around a ball of fire, that indeed work matters to me and to others, so I throw myself into the matters of work every day. Join me.

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What happens next?

After completing payment, you'll be sent an email with all of the links and information to access your Ramp It Up! training! Keep this email in a safe place so you have all the info to continue to go back and refer to the materials - they're yours forever!


Be sure to add to your safe senders and join the Facebook group,

Work Matters for further support!


The Ramp It Up! training is a DIY package, meaning you're free to use and implement the information provided in whatever way you see fit. Model it, customize it, make it your own or don't-- it's up to you!

If you utilize the trainings fully and take the advice, tips, tricks & strategies to heart,

they will have a substantial and life-changing impact on your skills, business, clientele & income for years to come!

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you have come this far and have been looking for new techniques to take your business further, this course is for you. You are either starting out or You may have been coasting in your business, unsure of what steps to take, where to focus and how to level-up! If any of those statements resonate, this is the program for you!

How long until I start seeing results?

This will all depend on how open and committed you are to following the teachings and implementing the techniques into your daily practice. The program provides in-depth knowledge about the key fundamentals for a successful venture and taking control of your business. It is up to YOU to practice and implement your skills. If you follow the 3 by 5 = 15 module, you will see results in under 90 days. If your business is larger, it is like turning a large ship, it can take the full 90 days to see results. If your company is like a small water craft, you will see the turn very quickly.

Does access to this program expire?

Don't worry! Once you have purchased, you have access to the information FOR LIFE. Remember to save the welcome email with your login information in a safe place!

I'm going through the program and I have questions - Can I contact you?

Because this is a DIY course, I am not offering one-on-one coaching for this program. It would be unfair to my exclusive paying clients to personally answer all the questions I am asked. However, please join the support Facebook group - Work Matters - and post your questions! I am very active in the group and will do my best to comment and give guidance when I can!

Do you Offer Refunds?

No. once you have made the purchase you will have instant owership of the course. Ramp It Up! is a compliation of expert knowledge and techniques that you will immediately use in your business interactions.

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