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The art of taking responsibility at Work

The Art of Taking Responsibility at Work

Let’ s NOT play the blame game, but be the one known for problem solving no matter who makes the error. To err is human, so we are all in this together.

So if you make a mistake, acknowledge it as soon as you recognize it. Quick remedy can often avert further damage or even disaster.

Be quick to ask forgiveness. Remember that humility when appropriate is NOT a sign of weakness, but a sign of true strength. Character shines through when the chips are down!

Contrary to compassion we may feel for others, do not step up and ‘take the bullet’ for a colleague. Honesty even when uncomfortable may be the key to the solution. At the very least it is a learning opportunity. It is optimal to be supportive and work towards repairing the error without casting blame.

Stick to the facts. Avoid ‘scenario seeking’ and pointing the finger. This is childish behavior that belongs on the playground not in the workplace. Don’t assume the worst, when questions start coming (as they will when a mistake has been made) keep in mind that this is usually to define and solve the problem, not to affix blame.

The art of graceful acceptance of responsibility will be a noble addition to your Professional Persona.

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