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The 90%

Dedicated to Humboldt Saskatchewan.

The 90%

This past week my mind has been turning many times to Darci Lang one of the speakers that we had at the recent Greatness in Leadership conference here in Lethbridge. Darci spoke on how to focus on the 90% of the good things in our lives, rather than the 10% of that which is not. This is the exact opposite of our human nature – we tend to dwell on the negative.

We all have the 10%. Family issues, finances, job concerns, feelings of loss. The trick is not to let the 10% distract us from the Beautiful 90%. Unimaginable loss focuses us instantly on the 90% that has just been lost. Young, Bright, Shining examples of Strength, Beauty and Potential. Perhaps their loss could be honored with some 90% living. Today, I intend to live honoring the Broncos by loving my 90%.

So how do we live our lives in the 90%? Well in reading Darci’s book, it illuminated that, “What you love you empower, what you fear you empower and what you empower you attract.” So, do we give credence and power to fear or to what we love? Let’s concentrate on our 90%...

  1. What do you need to feel your best? To be Healthier? Is it time to quit smoking, perhaps get more active, give up sweets? Let’s look at the great gift of Health and view it as one of our 90%’s! This one is a Duty to the positive.

  2. How about Stress? When during an interview with Centenarians, they were asked, what is the greatest secret to long life. The unanimous answer was, ‘the ability to deal with Stress’. These were a group of people that had survived wars, endured hardship and loss and faced major health concerns. We must ask ourselves, “am I dealing with this in a way that encourages longevity”. Seek the end game.

  3. Gratitude. Be thankful for the mundane. There is nothing that helps one appreciate routine, like the chaos of something really bad happening. So next time a task is boring or tiring, take a walk and then re-engage! We live in a beautiful country, with health and opportunity. We have people to love, perhaps a great car to drive or a nice home, Stop and Focus.

  4. Leverage your time. Think about the impression you want to make the first 10 minutes you walk in the door at home. When you take time off, be OFF. Consider time savers and simplification, perhaps a cleaning service to have more quality time with your spouse/family or have everything that can be, delivered. Look at the 90% when angry with a loved one and hope they are looking at your 90%, not the 10%. Be aware.

  5. Focus on a Theme every year. Pick one word or two that will add to your life or create peace. Post your theme everywhere. Some great examples; Fresh Start, No Regrets, Think First, Laugh More, Do it! Decide, Simplify, Just Cope. This is the power of one. One good thing, leads to another.

Apply the 90/10 rule to everything – yourself, family, your clients, all those around you. There are always going to be those 10% of people that are not going to be happy, no matter what we do. Don’t be one of them and don’t let the 10% distract from the Wonderful people in our lives.

For those young people in Humboldt who lost their lives or are fighting for their health, rededicating to the positive and appreciating what we have because of what they have lost, I hope, would make them proud.

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