• Karen Davis


My own business always bores me to death;

I prefer other peoples’ ~Oscar Wilde

Systems! This Oscar Wilde quote sums up what being a Professional is all about. We love making business happen for others! The systems to run our own businesses are very often terribly neglected. I am so Not a process person, but I have learned to appreciate and understand not just the importance of process and systems but the IMPERATIVE they are to any Professional Practice today. If you understand process, it is because you are working the numbers. It takes so many people/contacts and follow-ups to correlate to actual clients and written contracts.

**People don’t plan to fail, but it happens if we do not build in the time to maintain a lead management system.

**This entails: a.) Creating lead generation (Actions you plan to do)

b.) Taking the actual action to meet, call, write, attend functions were interaction with PEOPLE happens. c.) After contact happens, implement the systematic follow up. Record data. d.) Track results. How do you know what lead generation techniques are really working if you do not gauge results?

** Understand that capture and conversion are two different things. Know your conversion ratios. (this will help you know the numbers that must be initiated for your bottom line) Know your conversion speed and refine this talent.

**The system must be repeatable and reliable. The system used must be timeless, and inclusive to use over and over again and it must become something contacts and clients can rely on. This makes you, the professional dependable, and their go to person/connection!

**My one/two punch! Relieve Pressure and Offer Value. The system used should relieve any perception of sales pressure. Indicate that curiosity and inquiry are appreciated. Build this ‘pressure release’ into your systematic follow ups. Next, ensure that YOUR UNIQUE skills and knowledge that are valuable to the client/contact is communicated through your systematic conversion process.

**Finally, if you feed and maintain your system, you will save countless hours of chasing information that is at a fingers touch for those who do use systems well. Systems minimize stress and anxiety about where your business is coming from. Systems project a professional image. Systems save time. Systems make you money. Feed the Beast!

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