• Karen Davis

Market Changes?

Have you ever heard the expression “SHIFT Happens”! Part 1

What to do when the market shifts? There are many reasons the market shifts. It can just be the ebb and flow of seasonal economics in your local market, or it can be a shift on a national or international level. Have you ever wondered how those top producers manage to maintain their market share during market shifts? Here’s the scoop:Be Adaptive: If you are quick on your feet you can out-maneuver the competition. This requires diagnostics of your business. Are there fewer leads? Fewer showings on listings? Increased days on market? Don’t ignore the signs, be quick to take action. Your quick reaction to changes will help determine outcome. An ‘All Hands-on Deck’ Attitude permeates your business.Mental Shift: Refresh, Re-energize, Re-invent your business. DOUBLE your FOCUS! (not your outlay of time and resources) If you prioritize your career, you will connect with all your clients on a deeper level, because they will have more meaning in your life. Have a goal board that will help you focus (when you would rather not!).Expense Management: Cut anything that does not create a return on your hard- earned capital. When shift happens, get ruthless with your expenses and start creating connection with people.Opportunity in Chaos: In economic shift, there is great opportunity, because there is always a buyer and a seller – especially in a strained environment where Abundance has quickly turned to Scarcity. It is up to you to find the motivated. The ready, willing and able are the people you are looking for. This will require 1. Lead generation. 2. Polishing your presentations and mastering dialogue. 3. Prioritize your lead sources—stop chasing what does not work. 4. Consistent effort will equate to success.There is a time to plant and a time to harvest. So, let’s plant like mad! Next week we will touch on Lead Sources, Systems, and the Message you want to send. If done consistently with adaptation to the market your business will create the results you want, even during a shift.

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